Grow Groups are small gatherings (10-15 people) that occur on a weekly basis for the purpose of discipleship.  These groups helps us accomplish our church-wide goals of "Grow, Go, and Play" by facilitating the formation of authentic relationships, mutual encouragement, and spiritual growth in small, more intimate settings than can reasonably happen at a church-wide level.  Grow Groups are generally age-specific, which means that the members of any given group find themselves at similar stages of life.

Unless otherwise specified, each of these Grow Groups meets on-campus Sunday mornings.  See our Schedule / Directions page for details.

G5 College  & Career 9:00 Doug Asala Co-ed 18-25
Edwards 9:00 Jimmy & Sarah Edwards Co-ed 25-35
Christians in Action 9:00 Mike & Brandi King Co-ed 35-50
Synergy 9:00 Brian Sims  & Jon/Priscilla Mattson Couples 35-50
Parents of Teens 9:00 J Miller, J Cottrill, R Sanders Couples 35-50
Branches              9:00 Lynne Allred Co-ed 40-65
Cruisers  9:00 Cliff Rikard Co-ed 40-65
New Heart 9:00 Jim Oliver Co-ed 50-65
Great Expectations  9:00 Randy Epley  Co-ed 55+
Wisdom Seekers   9:00 Grady Leopard Co-ed 60-75
Friendship 9:00 Ken Rhodes Co-ed 65+
Joy 9:00

Linda Teague

Ladies 50-75
Becky Perkins 9:00 Mike Blake  Kathleen Jones Ladies 65+
Band of Brothers 9:00 Ken Long Men 25-55
Adult Men 9:00 Buddy Brooks Men 55+
More Than Fans-Lions 10:30 Josh Hall Co-ed 25-40
More Than Fans-Lambs 10:30 Chris Fisher Co-ed 25-40
The Messengers 10:30 Jessica Bradley  Nicole Reed Co-ed 25-40
Pathfinders 10:30 Jason Brooks  Jacob Townsend Couples 25-40
Jars of Clay I       10:30 P Provin, R Brown Co-ed 50-65
Jars of Clay II    10:30 R Carland, R Brown Co-ed 50-65