COVID-19 Status Updates

LAST UPDATED:  Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Campus General Closure

The Providence church campus remains generally closed except for essential activities as defined and explicitly permitted by the church staff.  As we cautiously expand what we offer on-campus, we strongly encourage you to sign up for our online newsletter so you can receive timely updates about those offerings.

Worship Services (currently in the Family Life Center)

We are holding Sunday morning worship services under the guidelines and recommendations as explained below.

It perhaps goes without saying that attendees should expect a different worship experience than was experienced here in the pre-COVID-19 days. The measures we've put in place for the health of our congregation affect almost everything – where we sit; what programs are offered; what we do and don't do in our worship services; and so on.  But we are a family church and a teaching church, strongly supportive of the idea that parents are the primary disciple-makers of their children.  We will continue to weather this storm together, as a family of families.  This pandemic may threaten the physical health of people around the world, but there's no reason for our spiritual health to suffer, too.

Additionally, on June 21, our Sanctuary suffered water damage due a malfunction of the fire suppression system.  While cleanup and repair is being done to that area, our worship services are being held in the Family Life Center.

Physical Distancing

In order to avoid overcrowding in a season where physical distancing is necessary for public health, we must divide our church population into groups that can comfortably fit in the worship area while maintaining proper distancing. To do so, we are offering two, hour-long worship services, with families assigned to a service time based on the first letter of their last name.

  • Last names beginning with A-J are assigned to our 9:00am service.

  • Last names beginning with K-Z are assigned to our 10:30am service.

  • Of course, guests unaware of these assignments will certainly not be turned away at the door!

The doors to the Family Life Center will not open until 10 minutes before each service.  We suggest you wait in the comfort of your car until that time.

Please do not feel pressured to attend.  We understand that some folks will not feel comfortable attending live services, and we are sensitive to that.  We will try to post video after the services to our YouTube channel so that you can worship and study at home.  So please – for your safety and that of others – do not attend these services if you have an immune deficiency, are feeling ill, or if you have a household member who is feeling ill.

What to Bring

There are some items you should consider bringing with you from home:

  • Your Bible.  The shared Bibles have been removed, so bring your own (or use your electronic device).

  • A water bottle.  We are not allowing use of the water fountains in our facility, so if you think you'll need hydration, please bring your own.

  • Paper, pens, etc.  There are no pens available, and we will not be distributing paper bulletins.  Please bring what you need for note-taking.  Consider bringing quiet activities to keep younger children attentive, too.

  • Your tithes and offerings.  While we strongly encourage all church members to take advantage of online giving options, those who prefer to give in-person may still do so using the designated buckets provided for tithes at offerings as you exit the worship space.

  • [OPTIONAL] Face mask.  We are not requiring masks and won't judge your decision regarding their use.  Do what you feel is right for yourself and your church family.

Additional Guidelines

Here are some quick points not covered elsewhere in these guidelines:

  • Small (Grow) groups are still not meeting on campus.  Groups will continue to meet as they have been recently (virtually or otherwise), reserving the Sunday morning time slot for folks who wish to attend worship services.

  • Families should sit together and maintain the recommended 6 feet of physical distance with other families.  The rows of chairs in the Family Life Center have been set up with 6 feet of space between them, but families sharing a row should leave adequate space between them sideways.

  • We will not have preschool or children’s programs. Again, this is a time for the family to worship together.  Feel free to bring quiet diversions (paper, pencils, etc.) for your younger children.

  • Nursery areas will be closed.

  • Parents should accompany their children to the restrooms for their safety, and also because stalls in the bathrooms are marked to facilitate physical distancing and increased sanitation.

  • When observing the Lord’s Supper, we will provide a self-contained wafer and juice packet to you at your designated building entrance.  As you leave the service, waste cans will be available for you to dispose of your trash.  Thank you!

Church Office

The Church office is open, but the following restrictions are in place for all office visitors:

  • Visitors are restricted to the connector cafe.  No use of classrooms, large meeting rooms, recreational spaces, etc. is permitted.
  • Physical distancing (6 feet or more) must be maintained at all times.
  • Visitors must wear face masks at all times.
  • No in-office counseling will be undertaken.  Our pastoral staff are happy to continue servicing your counseling needs via digital communication methods.