Music Ministry

Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth.
Sing to the Lord, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day.
Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.

Psalms 96:1 (NIV)

Music is a gift from God, and like all such gifts is designed to be used to bring Him glory.  At Providence Baptist Church, we believe that the use of music in corporate worship is biblically mandated.  Furthermore, we find it to be spiritually beneficial, both for the appropriate and effective declaration of biblical truth and exultation of God, as well as for the mutual edification of His Church, the body of Christ.

Our approach to music combines elements of both traditional worship services with those of more modern ones.  Each week the musical aspect of our worship is supported by both an active choir and a worship team.  We employ traditional Western instrumentation (of piano and organ) as well as that of a modern band (guitars, drums, etc.).  We sing hymns, praise choruses, and modern worship songs.  We've found that, generally speaking*, the music of the older and younger generations are equally useful for the purposes of worshipping our amazing God together.

Getting Involved

The Worship Team is always looking for additional persons who have a heart for worship via the musical arts and the talent, willingness, and commitment to serve God and the local church in this fashion.  So how do you join the team?  We do not at this time schedule formal, open auditions.  Rather, we encourage musicians interested in serving on this team to do three things, in this order:

  1. Understand the ministry and its expectations.  We've gone through great efforts to document how our Worship Ministry functions on both philosophical and practical levels, so please take a few minutes to read our Worship Ministry Philosophy and Guidelines document.
  2. Pray.  Seek God's will for yourself and your family on this matter.
  3. Contact the ministry leader.  If you believe God is calling you to participate musically in the ministries of Providence, reach out to the appropriate ministry leader:
    • Barbara Provin, Adult Choir Director
    • Mike Pilato, Worship Leader
    • Josh Crisp, Student Worship Leader
    • Jennifer Pyne, Children's Ministry Director

Where Can I Serve?

The following describes how we might route musicians who fall into particular broad categories of talent and interest:

Modern Pop/Rock Instrumentalists.  Generally speaking, the music style employed by the Worship Team at Providence is that of the typical Christian pop/rock band.  If you can play an instrument commonly found in this genre (acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboard, violin, folk stringed instruments, etc.), you will be invited to participate in a six week probationary period during which you will attend practice sessions but will not play or sing with the team on Sundays.  At the end of this period, it will be at the discretion of the Worship Leader as to when you will begin playing in Sunday services.  (Exceptions may be made if the individual is actively serving in a similar capacity elsewhere in the church, such as in the Youth Worship Band.)

Other Instrumentalists.  If you play an instrument not commonly employed in the worship services at Providence, you’re still encouraged to serve God with those talents, but yours will require a more individualized approach.  If you think your instrument can “fit in” with the worship band, you will be asked to demonstrate this by making an audio recording of yourself playing your instrument along with the original recordings of some popular worship songs we use at Providence.  If your instrument is simply a poor fit for the worship band, that’s okay – there are other musical moments throughout our services (the prelude, offertory, musical specials, etc.) which offer opportunities for service.  Initiate a dialogue with the Worship Leader about your interests.

Singers.  All adults with singing talent are invited to participate in our adult choir.  Practices are held Wednesdays at 7:30pm, immediately following the Mid-week Worship Service.  No auditions are required – simply come out to a practice and the Choir Director will help you find your role.  (NOTE:  Our adult choir takes a break during the Summer, so no practices or participation in services occurs during those months.)  In addition to the adult choir, we use a few vocalists during congregational music portions of our service guided by the Worship Leader and band.  Because of the visibility of this position, these vocalists are selected only from the pool of volunteers who have already demonstrated commitment to – and aptitude in – other musical ministries of the church (such as the adult choir or youth worship team).  If you wish to serve in this capacity, consider committing to one of these other ministry areas and serving faithfully there until you are asked about assuming a worship vocalist position.

Children.  We wish to actively train musicians to use their talents in service to God – age is irrelevant.  So if your child has expressed an interest in serving in this fashion, that’s wonderful!  If your child is a middle- or high-schooler, consider contacting the Student Minister or Youth Worship Leader about participating in the Youth Worship Band.  Younger children who are developing a musical talent should contact the Worship Leader or Children’s Ministry leadership to discuss ways in which their talents might be used in a regular worship service.  (Parents:  we understand the pride you feel when your children are serving the Lord with the talents He has given them, but please be discreet if you choose to takes photos or videos during worship services – we want the focus to remain on God.)

* While the songs we select for use in our services are reviewed for their theological integrity, efficacy, and relatability in our specific local church context, our use of those songs does not imply endorsement of everything associated with the songwriters, publishing organizations, or related churches.