Online Giving at Providence

In 2013, Providence Baptist Church began partnering with Vanco to offer secure online giving for your regular tithes, offerings, and various other specifically targeted giving opportunities.  Since that time, the number of our church members and regular givers transitioning from in-person giving to electronic gifts has significantly increased, with the global pandemic accelerating that growth in 2020-2021.  But one thing that had not changed since 2013 was the look of the online giving portal itself … until now!

In August 2023, our online giving portal is finally getting a much-needed makeover!

What’s Changing

  • The overall look and feel of the portal, from a white page with brief fund names to a colorful page filled with “giving tiles”, each with a graphic and fuller description.
  • Adoption of the “electronic shopping cart” paradigm found at nearly every online retailer, where you add one or more individual items (in this case, donation units) into a virtual shopping basket and then complete the transaction when you’ve finished adding items.

What’s Not Changing

  • Any login name and password used with the original giving portal remains the same.
  • Any scheduled or recurring transactions made through the original giving portal remain in place.
  • Any payment sources (debit cards or bank accounts) configured in the original giving portal remain available in your account.
  • By policy, the church still does not accept credit card payment.  Only debit cards and direct bank account withdrawal options exist.

To help ease this transitions, we’ve recorded a screencast to walk you through the changes to the online giving portal.  Please take about 16 minutes to watch the video below.  Or, if you’ve done so already, use button to continue to our giving portal.


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