Providence Personal Discipleship Plan


This Discipleship Plan is a resource to help you grow in your personal relationship with the Lord. So often Christians rely on others for their own spiritual growth. Pastors, teachers, and church leaders are wonderful, but they should not take the place of your own personal time with God each day. So we have developed this Discipleship plan to help you grow in your relationship with God and help develop healthy spiritual habits.

Each week you will have a list of activities to complete to help you grow spiritually. Each week was designed with busy schedules in mind, so the Reading and Prayer Journal is only Monday-Friday. If you get behind, you can use the weekends to catch up! We hope this plan will transform your relationship with the Lord and help you develop a regular rhythm of personal devotion and worship!

Dowload these intructions and the daily plan in a printable form here:

 Discipleship Plan Instructions.pdf
 Discipleship Plan.pdf

Daily Scripture Reading

Spending time in God’s Word is something we are all called to do as followers of Jesus. Why? Because the Bible is the primary way God communicates with us! God wrote a book that shows you His character, teaches you His nature, and speaks life and truth into your heart. There is no greater spiritual discipline than regularly reading God’s Word.

Instructions: Each day, we want to challenge you to spend time in God’s Word. You will only be reading one chapter per day, and if you complete all the days, you will have read through all four Gospels!

Bonus Challenge: In your Prayer Journal (see below) write one thought/verse/idea that spoke to you personally from each chapter you read. Meditate on this one thing throughout your day.

Weekly Memory Verse

Memorizing Scripture is one of the greatest ways that we can fight the temptation to sin. After all, it was through Jesus’ knowledge of the Scriptures that he withstood the temptation of Satan in the wilderness. Each week you will be challenged to memorize a few verses of Scripture so that you can use them to help fight off temptation and so that you can do as the Psalmist says, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I may not sin against you” (Ps. 119:11)

Instructions: During the week, practice memorizing the verses. At the end of the week, recite your verse out loud, including the reference to someone else.

Weekly Worship Playlist

Each week, we want you to spend some time worshiping the Lord through music. No, this does not mean you have to sing along, but we want you to spend some time with the Lord as you listen to music that brings him glory. You can listen to these songs in your car, on a walk, or in your home! Each week will have six songs - three traditional hymns and three contemporary songs - you can listen to any combination of the songs, or all of them but, we encourage you to listen to at least 3 during your weekly worship time**.

Instructions: Spend some time each week listening to three worship songs from the playlists. You can look up the songs on Spotify, YouTube, Google, or any streaming media platform, and spend time worshiping and reflecting on the music. Remember, the goal is not just to simply listen to the songs but to use the music as a way to worship the Lord.

Daily Prayer Journal

Prayer is a way that we can communicate with God and that He communicates with us. Developing the regular rhythm of prayer is a great way to deepen your relationship with God.

Instructions: Find a journal/notebook that you can dedicate as your “Prayer Journal”. Each day spend a few minutes writing down your prayer requests in your journal. Writing your requests down helps you remember them and will give you a place to record when God does answer your prayers! After you write your requests down, take a few minutes and pray over each request.

Weekly Mission Activity

A relationship with God is active. As Christians, we were never called to sit on the sidelines. James tells us that faith that does not produce action is a dead faith. So, we want to challenge you to put your faith into action each week as you serve your family, neighbors, and community in the name of Jesus.

Instructions: Complete any of the given mission activities for the week.


** While the songs we suggest have been reviewed for their theological integrity, efficacy, and relatability in our specific local church context, our suggestion of those songs is limited to that context and does not imply endorsement of everything associated with the songwriters, publishing organizations, or related churches.