Worship: A Study for the Whole Family is a church-wide, at-home study on the theme of worship which will take place over the five-week period between Mother's Day and Father's Day in 2014 (May 12 - June 15).  Each week consists of two sessions.  The first session of each week is a teaching unit (or “Lesson”) discussing some aspect of Biblical worship.  The second session is a “Portrait of a Worshiper” – an examination of the life of a Biblical character whose worship amplifies the themes covered in the teaching unit for that week.

The intention is for families/households to read and discuss the information herein together.  We have provided two different study guides – one written for adults and teenages; the other for younger readers.  Families with young children are encouraged to use the Children's Edition when studying together, but parents will find more depth in the Adult & Teen Edition and may want to also read that edition.  The Children's Edition also contains activities which reinforce the themes of the study.  Please encourage your children to participate in these activities.  Several of them ask for the child's work to be brought to their small group (Grow Group) teachers at church, where they will receive encouragement and praise for participating.

Music playlists have been developed for each week, also.  These playlists have three songs (an older hymn, a newer praise song, and a third) that relate to the teaching theme for each week.  The Playlist pages linked below present the songs for that week in video format.  Families are encouraged to listen to and sing the songs as part of their time spent together on this study.  Additionally, the Providence Worship Team will be employing these same songs in the following Sunday morning worship services.  We hope that families will benefit from common familiarity with these songs during our corporate worship times.

It is our heartfelt desire that this simple study can accomplish some pretty important things, from teaching us all something about worship that perhaps we’d forgotten or never realized, to bringing families together in worship experiences within their own homes.  And of course, we seek to glorify God in all of this.

Coordinated Schedule

The following is the recommended schedule for participating this church-wide study.  With the exception of the kickoff Sunday, May 11, we are asking families to invest about a half-hour of time twice a week in this aspect of their spiritual maturity.  Of course, feel free to spend more time as the Lord leads you to.  Study together.  Sing together.  Pray together.  Grow together.

DateAdult & Teen Edition [AT]Children's Edition [C]Playlist
May 11Introduction [AT]Introduction [C] 
May 12 or 13Wonder // Lesson [AT]Wonder // Lesson [C]Wonder // Playlist
May 15 or 16Wonder // Portrait [AT]Wonder // Portrait [C]Wonder // Playlist
May 19 or 20Obedience // Lesson [AT]Obedience // Lesson [C]Obedience // Playlist
May 22 or 23Obedience // Portrait [AT]Obedience // Portrait [C]Obedience // Playlist
May 26 or 27Lifestyle // Lesson [AT]Lifestyle // Lesson [C]Lifestyle // Playlist
May 29 or 30Lifestyle // Portrait [AT]Lifestyle // Portrait [C]Lifestyle // Playlist
June 2 or 3Expression // Lesson [AT]Expression // Lesson [C]Expression // Playlist
June 5 or 6Expression // Portrait [AT]Expression // Portrait [C]Expression // Playlist
June 9 or 10Relationship // Lesson [AT]Relationship // Lesson [C]Relationship // Playlist
June 12 or 13Relationship // Portrait [AT]Relationship // Portrait [C]Relationship // Playlist

Bible Versions

Verses quoted in the Adult & Teen Edition are taken from the New International Version unless otherwise noted.
Verses quoted in the Children's Edition are taken from the New International Reader's Version unless otherwise noted.

Extra-biblical Sources

Downloadable Study Guides

Need to access Worship: A Study for the Whole Family offline?  Download (and print, if you wish) the study guides here.