Worship: A Study for the Whole Family was a church-wide, at-home study on the theme of worship which took place over the five-week period between Mother's Day and Father's Day in 2014 (May 12 - June 15).  Each week consisted of two sessions.  The first session of each week was a teaching unit (or “Lesson”) discussing some aspect of Biblical worship.  The second session was a “Portrait of a Worshiper” — an examination of the life of a Biblical character whose worship amplified the themes covered in the teaching unit for that week.  During the implementation period, families were encouraged to read and discuss the study guides (there were two different, age-appropriate editions provided) and to allow children to also partipate in some special activities contained therein.  The various themes of each week's sessions were reinforced through musical selections that families could employ at home in their times of family worship and which were also used in the weekend worship services at the church.

Provided here are the study guides that we as a church used for this emphasis.  It is our heartfelt desire that this simple study can be beneficial to you, too — bringing your family together in worship, and perhaps teaching something about worship that you've forgotten or never considered.

Downloadable Study Guides

Need to access Worship: A Study for the Whole Family offline?  Download (and print, if you wish) the study guides here.