At Providence, Summer brings some of our most high-energy and high-volume events of the year:  vacation Bible school (VBS), youth Summer camp, missions weeks, kids camps, and so on.  We understand and celebrate our families' desire to participate in these events, but also spend time making memories together, taking vacations for which the school year rarely affords time.  So during the Summer, we relax our regular schedule of activities to give our hard-working volunteers a chance to enjoy their own families while also investing in everyone else's.

Here's a brief summary of what that means for the Summer of 2019.

  • June 19:  Final Wednesday evening of services and activities until August 28
  • June 17 - 21: Impact Student Ministry Missions Week
  • June 23 - 27:  Vacation Bible School (6-8:30pm)
  • July 8 - 12:  Student Ministry Summer Camp
  • August 28:  Regular Wednesday evening service/activity schedule resumes

Please note that our Sunday morning schedule remains unaffected by these changes.