Who We Are

Providence Baptist Church is a church where God is moving and drawing people of all ages to become a part of His family. We are thrilled to be a part of this movement and invite you to experience it along with us.

Visitors at our church will find that we worship and serve our amazing God with intentionality and passion. Our worship services offer practical, biblical teaching and a blend of traditional and contemporary worship elements.  We are a missions-minded church that God has called to serve the local community of Harrisburg, NC in a variety of ways.

Whether you are a part of the Providence family, a member of another church, or not really sure what you think about God or church, you are welcome here. Visit us. Learn and share in our large and small group settings. Participate in our activities and service opportunities.

I'd love to have you as my personal guest here. If you have questions about our church family, God, or anything in general, I'd love to treat you to coffee or lunch. Together, we'll find the answer to your questions.

Blessings, Pastor John