Whether you were directly referred to this website or were ushered here by your favorite Internet search engine, we’re glad you found us! Below, we attempt to answer some questions that you may have as you plan your visit to Providence Baptist Church.


When and where are your worship services?

Providence Baptist Church is located on Hwy. 49 in Harrisburg, NC. We offer small group Bible studies and large-group worship services on Sundays year-round.  During the school year, we also offer age-appropriate programming on Wednesday evenings.  See the footer at the bottom of this website for specific times.


What should I wear?

There’s no dress code at Providence, and members and guests may routinely be found wearing everything from jeans and T-shirts to suits and dresses, and everything in between. You will be welcomed regardless of whether you show up ornamented or ordinary.


Do you offer small groups?

Yes! At Providence, small groups are a vital part of our overall ministry philosophy. The reason is simple: we believe that small groups offer an opportunity for interpersonal connection and personal spiritual growth that cannot be achieved in more densely populated settings. Our small groups (which we call “Grow Groups”) are the fundamental action units, too — small groups learn together, socialize together, serve missionally together both inside and outside of the church, and so on. Grow Groups meet, for the most part, at 9:00am on Sunday mornings. If you’d like some help finding a Grow Group, let us know and we’d be happy to direct you to a group of folks that may be of similar age or stage of life as yourself.


What kind of child care is available?

Providence offers safe, age-appropriate care and instruction for children through 5th grade. Our nursery is staffed to meet the needs of our youngest attendees. Preschool- and elementary-school-aged children will find instruction and activities in their Grow Groups. All staff and volunteers who work with children must undergo a background check, and we employ the use of a secure check-in/check-out system to verify that children are returned into the care of their parents or parent-approved adults only.

For the safety and security of all children, we limit access to the preschool/children’s ministry areas of the campus. If you’d like to tour these areas, meet your child’s teachers, or tend to your child’s special needs, we’re happy to escort you around! Some may think these policies are over-cautious, but we ask that you extend grace and understanding — these measures are in place so that all our little worshipers are safe, and so the “big worshipers” can worship freely without concern for their children’s well-being.

Of course, children of all ages are welcome to attend our worship services, too! Our Sanctuary features of pair of cry rooms that nursing mothers may use to discreetly attend to their child’s needs while still observing the service. And don’t worry too much if your young one decides to make a “joyful noise” in the middle of the sermon. As our senior pastor says, “Crying babies are a sign of life in a church; it’s the snoring deacons you should be concerned about.”


What can I expect from the worship services?

Rather like the architecture of our Worship Center’s Sanctuary, our Sunday morning worship services are a blend of the traditional and contemporary worship structures. The services’ liturgical elements don’t stray far from the formats employed in most other Southern Baptist churches, but may be presented in modernized ways. You’ll enjoy musical selections from many eras presented by both a choir and worship band, video presentations, and large-screen projected worship aids; but ours is not a “concert-like” atmosphere. The teaching is primarily of the “life application” variety as Biblical truth is used to help worshipers grow in their relationships with Christ Jesus and walk daily in His power and strength.


Do you have any programming for Spanish speakers?

Sí. Los domingos por la mañana, ofrecemos una Clase Biblica en español. Además, puede solicitar un audifono de traducción para escuchar el sermón traducido al español. Luego, a las 2pm, ofrecemos un servicio de adoración en español en el Edificio de Estudiantes.