REACH Conference

Our towns, schools, and even churches are full of young people being taught by society that the world is just a place to exist until the end of their days.  They are spending those days without hope or any sense of true purpose — completely unaware that ultimate hope through the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ is freely available!  Shouldn’t someone tell them?  We think so!

The purpose of REACH Conference is to help middle- and high-school students to know who Jesus Christ is and what he has done for them.  We want students to grow deeper in their faith with Jesus Christ, beginning to grasp what this relationship we have with Jesus involves.  Lastly, we want students to own their faith enough to understand the need and the urgency of the Gospel and to be able to share it with others.

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.”  — Acts 1:8

“One Church, Serving One God, Reaching the World for Christ.” 

How Does It Work?

REACH Conference operates a bit like a weekend retreat — except you don’t have to leave town!  You’ll be assigned to a host home from Providence Baptist Church with other students of their same age and gender.  At these homes you’ll engage in Bible-based discussions facilitated by leaders within the church and community; down-time goofing off with your peers; some home-cooked meals; and perhaps even a little bit of sleep at night!  Groups then come together at Providence for large-group worship (featuring live and exciting music) and Bible study sessions.

Choosing to stay overnight in a host home is strongly encouraged but is optional, and students can still participate in the weekend even if they do not feel comfortable staying in a host home.  Also, given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we will be monitoring the recommendations of local health leaders.  If at any point we need to adjust the event and cancel the host home aspect of the weekend, we will do so out of the safety and best interest of all participating.

COVID Safety and Protocols

Because of the nature of the weekend with students being around each other, staying in Host Homes, and the nature of teenagers, we want to keep everyone who participates safe. To ensure that everyone enters the weekend safely, we are asking all participants and event staff to provide a negative COVID test, within 48 hours of the start of REACH Conference, to participate in the weekend. Tests can be an “at-home” test, a rapid test, or a PCR test. 

We know this may seem extreme, but we want to do our best effort to insure that those participating will not unknowingly show up positive and spread COVID to others, especially since students will be staying together overnight. We really appreciate your support and help keeping everyone safe. Failure to comply with these protocols will result in your student not being able to participate in the weekend. 

2021 Conference Theme:  “Mathetes” (disciple)

Followers of Jesus are called “disciples”.  But what does a disciple of Jesus really look like?  How do you become a disciple of Jesus?  What does it mean when Jesus says, “Follow me”?  How does the Bible describe the way a follower of Jesus should act or think? How is the Biblical description of a disciple different than what we think as casual/cultural Christians?  Was Jesus serious when he said that his followers would have to suffer?  How does Jesus commission his disciples?  What would you look like if you were a true disciple of Jesus?  We will be trying to answer these questions (and more) as we spend our time together this weekend!


Friday, March 11

6:00pm – Check in/Dinner
7:00pm – Large Group 1
8:45pm – Games
9:15pm – Dismissal to Host Homes
10:00pm – Small Group 

Midnight – Go to Bed!

Saturday, March 12

7:30am – Breakfast (Host Home)
8:30am – Small Group 2
10:00am – Large Group 2 
11:00am – Breakout 
11:45am – Lunch 
12:30pm – Depart for Mission Project
4:00pm – Free Time at Host Homes
6:00pm – Dinner in FLC
7:00pm – Large Group 3
8:45pm – Games
9:15pm – Dismissal to Host Homes
10:00pm – Small Group 3 

Midnight – Go to Bed!

Sunday, March 13

9:00am – Grow Groups
10:30am – Worship Service
11:45am – Lunch in FLC
12:30pm – Hot Seat

1:30pm – Dismissal 

Mission Project:  Samaritan’s Feet

Over 30 years ago, a young Nigerian boy, Manny Ohonme, received his first pair of shoes at the age of nine.  It changed his life and now he wants give others that same opportunity for change and impact.  Samaritan’s Feet wants to inspire hope through the gift of shoes, the act of washing feet, and encouragement to those who need it most.  Since its founding in 2003, Samaritan’s Feet and its partners have distributed over 8.5 million pairs of shoes in 108 countries and over 450 U.S. cities.*

We will be spending a few hours volunteering in Samaritan’s Feet Warehouse to help them literally take the gospel of Jesus around the world through the gift of a pair of shoes.  Each participant will need to have a Samaritan’s Feet Waiver Form filled out before we leave Saturday afternoon. (You can find this waiver by clicking the “Download Forms” button on this page).

*Taken from

What to Bring

Here is what you need to bring for REACH Conference!

  • Bible
  • pen and paper
  • clothes
  • sleeping bag and pillow
  • toiletries/washcloth/towel
  • notarized PBC Medical Form (see below)
  • completed Samaritan’s Feet Waiver Form (see below)
  • snacks and a 2-liter drink to share
  • … and an excited and positive attitude, expecting God to do great things this weekend!


Registration fees for this year’s conference have been set at $50.  At a price that low, what’s keeping you from registering online right now?! Registration deadline is Wednesday, March 9th

Below you can download all of the necessary forms for the weekend. The first is a conference schedule detailing the event and locations. Second is a Medical Release Form.  We require that students participating in off-campus activities have an annual Medical Release Form filed with the Church Office.  This form provides important medical information and serves to protect both your student and the church in the unlikely event of an emergency medical situation.  If the student is under 18 years of age, this form must be notarized.  Third is a volunteer waiver that each person must fill out for Samaritan’s Feet (see below) for our mission project Saturday afternoon. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Parents, would you like to be a part of this weekend?  We need your help!  If you would like to volunteer to help, please sign up online.  We will need help with the following things:

  • registration Friday night
  • meal preparation and service on Friday and Saturday
  • general support flexing each session to fill in wherever needed.

If you have any questions about volunteering, please email Evan at