Music is a beautiful gift from God and a biblically prescribed vehicle for His people to express praise and adoration to Him.  Also, children are a gift from God.  So how could the combination of the two be anything less than beautiful?!

Since 2016, the adult worship team of Providence Baptist Church has hosted a series of summertime meetups at which younger school-aged musicians (rising 5th-graders and older) gather to worship God together through their combined musical efforts.  Many of these musicians have gone on to serve in musical ministries at Providence and elsewhere.

We’re excited to extend this opportunity to student musicians yet again for the Summer of 2024!




2024 Dates and Times

  • June 23, 6:30pm-7:30pm – Informational Session and Song Demos
  • June 30 – Registration Deadline
  • July 7, 6:30-8:00 PM – JAM Session #1:
    • Bible study: TBD
    • Songs: TBD
  • July 14, 6:30-8:00 PM – JAM Session #2:
    • Bible study: TBD
    • Songs: TBD
  • July 21, 6:30-8:00 PM – JAM Session #3:
    • Bible study: TBD
    • Songs: TBD
  • July 28, 6:30-8:00 PM – JAM Session #4:
    • Bible study: TBD
    • All songs!

Songs (TBD)

Song Title (Key)



“Unknown Song” (G)
Unknown Artist

Transpose Value: +4 (G ⟶ B)


Listen to all our songs in the Young Musicians JAM Series 2023 playlist on Spotify!

NOTE:  We rarely perform songs in the same keys in which they were recorded.  Use the recordings to learn the overall flow of the song, but use the sheet music to practice playing the song yourself.  Guitarists, to play along with the recordings, put a capo across the fret that corresponds to the “Transpose Value” listed above.  Keyboardists, set your keyboard’s “transpose” to the “Transpose Value”.  Drummers … well, you are the exception — shove in some earbuds and jam away to these recordings because the song key doesn’t matter for your instrument.

JAM Series FAQ

Q:  Who is eligible to participate in the JAM Series?
A:  The JAM (Jesus and Music) Series is offered to older students (rising 5th-graders and older) with demonstrable musical competency on an instrument or vocally.  Students must be able to read and play/sing from sheet music (chord charts and, if available, lead sheets) with limited assistance.

Q:  Are you offering music lessons for young musicians?
A:  No.  The role of our adult leadership team in this is to organize, direct, and encourage the student musicians.  We may advise regarding song arrangements, key selection, and individual contributions.  We will certainly assist with understanding musical notation when questions arise.  But if the student cannot practice and sing/play through the selected songs alone at home, they are not ready to do so in a group context.

Q:  My young musician plays the ________.  Can he or she participate?
A:  At Providence, “the sound of live worship music” comes in three basic flavors: a) traditional piano and organ, b) modern rock band, and c) solo orchestral instruments (generally accompanied by the piano).  Of those, we primarily use the middle flavor (modern rock band) in support of congregational singing.  That’s not the only way it can be done, of course, but in this season of the church’s history it’s who we are and what we do well.  As such, the JAM Series is best suited to those instruments which are typically found in the modern rock band lineup:  strummed strings (e.g., acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, mandolin, banjo, ukelele), bowed strings (e.g., violin, cello), hammered strings (piano/keyboards), and drums (e.g, kit, cajón, djembe).

Q:  My young musician cannot attend all the planned sessions.  Is that okay?
A:  Absolutely!  We understand that the JAM Series occurs during prime family vacation time and certainly do not wish to disrupt that.  We ask only that for the sake of helping us plan, you let the leadership know in advance about any expected absences.

Q:  What will my young musician need to bring?
A:  Unless told otherwise, students should assume that they will be using their own equipment and sheet music.  For example, electric and bass guitar players should be prepared to bring their own guitars, amplifiers, and all necessary cabling; drummers should plan to bring their drum kits, cajóns, djembes, or other percussion instruments.  After the roster is settled, we may inform your student that he or she no longer needs to bring their own instrument if comfortable using one offered by the church.

Q:  Is the JAM Series an audition for Providence’s student worship band?
A:  Absolutely not.  While the adult leadership of the JAM Series will unavoidably notice which students demonstrate a readiness to participate in the student worship band, that’s not the point here.  We want every young musician to be able to enjoy making music with their peers without the pressure of feeling like they have to “measure up”.


Feel free to contact our Worship Leader, Mike Pilato (, with any questions you may have.